Ultrasonic Flow Meter Setup & USB/Computer Configuration

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Setup (Page 4)

Before use and prior to ultrasonic flow meter setup, download and install Atrato software from memory stick or website.

The Atrato low-flow ultrasonic flowmeter should be setup using the USB interface and a suitable computer. Below is a screen shot of the Configuration screen.

ultrasonic flow meter setup
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Setup

To modify the configuration click “User Settings” tab at the bottom of the screen and ensure the system is unlocked for editing.


To aid set up whilst operating the meter it is possible to detach the Flow Details and Advanced windows by dragging and dropping the bottom tabs away from the main window. This allows the user to view those tabs whilst adjusting the User Settings.

The Flow Details window may be further reduced or expanded using the minimise and maximise icons respectively in the top right hand of the window.

ultrasonic flow meter setup & installation screen
Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Measurement – Multiple Window Display



The down arrow selects from the
various display and Atrato functions.

calibration setting display mode
Ultrasonic flowmeter calibration – Units

Units: A drop down menu offers the choice of – Litres, cc, gms, kg, US gallon, Imperial gallon or Custom units i.e. blank.

calibration settings - units
Ultrasonic flow sensor calibration settings, rate

Rate (units per): This is the time base for the flow rate and has the option of Second, Minute or Hour.

calibration settings - rate
Ultrasonic flow sensor setup – scale factor adjustment

Scale Factor Adjustment: This is a fine tune adjustment on the signal to compensate for errors introduced by erratic flow or other system irregularities DENSITY: The flowmeter is fundamentally a volumetric device but a density figure can be entered here if one of the mass units are selected. Caution must be used however as there is no temperature/density correction.

calibration scale factor adjustment
Ultrasonic flow measurement, calibration – cut off

Cut Off: Flow values below this level will be set to zero.

Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter Display Appearance

ultrasonic flow meter calibration total
Ultrasonic flow sensor calibration – decrease total for -ve flow

Decrease Total for -ve flow: The meter will not register negative flow unless this box is checked.
For reverse flow the rate will show a “-“ sign before the rate and the total will be reduced accordingly. One of the transistor outputs (PNP or NPN on Pin 6,7 or Pin 8) could be configured to give a logic level when reverse flow is detected. Once selected the totaliser will adjust with the negative flow and the NPN and PNP outputs will give a pulse output in proportion to the reverse flow seen. The analog pins will not give outputs.

ultrasonic flow meter display mode
Atrato Ultrasonic Display Mode:

Display Mode: The down arrow selects from the various display and Metraflow functions.
The options are:-
Rate – The display will show flow rate only.
Total – The display will show total flow only.
Both – The display can be cycled from rate to total using the left hand button on the Atrato or the left button in the “Real time window”. The TOTAL can be Reset at any time on the display model by pressing the Right Hand Button when the Total is being displayed. Alternatively, a remote input can be used if either pin 6 or pin 7 has been utilised.

ultrasonic flow - rate and total position
Ultrasonic flow meter rate DP position and total DP position

Rate DP Position: Use the drop down menu to choose the required decimal point position.
Total DP Position: Use the drop down menu to choose the required decimal point position.
If the decimal point is set too low and the display value exceeds the setting capacity the display will show —-oF—-.

flow meter calibration
Atrato Ultrasonic flow meter viewing filter for calibration

Viewing Filter: This prevents the display, flow switches and analogue outputs from jittering with irregularities in the flow from say a peristaltic pump. The increments are arbitrary with the degree of damping approximately doubling with each level. Increments go up to 5, which may take up to a minute to stabilise.

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