Heritage of the Atrato Flow Meter

atrato flow meter

The Atrato is the culmination of eight years research and development in collaboration with the Department of Process & Engineering at Cranfield University. It can handle low flows from luminar to turbulent and is largely immune from viscosity. It has excellent turndown, repeatability and linearity and can monitor flow over a range of 200:1. Accuracy is better than +/-1.5%.

The development of the Atrato ultrasonic flow meter began in 2001 with a corporate decision to develop the best noninvasive small bore flow meter in the world as part of a long term strategic plan. One of the foremost fluid engineering establishments (The Cranfield Institute of Technology) was commissioned to develop the device along with Titan and this joint project has been continuous since that date. Titan have exclusive global rights for the technology which is
subject to two granted patents and two more applications will be made in
the near future.

“The use of low frequency ultrasound and advanced signal processing to interrogate the flow ensures that the flowmeter provides high accuracy over a wide turndown range. In addition the technology developed for the Atrato has the flexibility to provide the basis of a family of flowmeters suitable for an even wider range of flows and applications.” Professor Mike Sanderson, Emeritus Professor of Fluid Instrumentation, Cranfield University

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Selection Chart