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The Atrato can be used entirely from a computer using the USB connection but this may not be acceptable in many situations where remote operation or further functions are required. The unit will work with systems from Windows XP onwards. The maximum connector cable size is 2.5mm (22-14AWG), for ease of assembly we recommend 1mm maximum. Care should be taken when terminating the wires as the conductors should be stripped to 4 to 5mm maximum and the wire ends must be pushed fully into the connector before tightening. These cables pass through a slot cut in the aluminium housing please ensure that no bare conductors are clear of the surface of the connector strip prior to closing the housing.


Operates on External Power OR USB

Operates on External Power Only

 Atrato Connector Assignments

 Pin No.
  Label Function
 1  RLY NO Isolated relay contact; normally closed contact 24V 100mA
 2  RLY CO Isolated relay contact; change over contact 24V 100mA
 3  RLY NC Isolated relay contact; normally open contact 24V 100mA
 4  4-20mA + Analogue current (4~20mA) output (referenced to 0V)
 5  0 – 5/10V Analogue voltage (0~5/10V) output (referenced to 0V)
 6  PNP Output 1 open collector PNP OR Input 1 (5 – 24V dc) e.g. switch to pin 9
 7  NPN Output 2 open collector NPN OR Input 2 (5 – 24 V dc) e.g. switch to pin 8
 8  0V External ground; common for PNP, NPN and Analogue outputs
 9  +9 -24 V dc External power; 9V ~ 24V (> 12V for Analogue output)

Flows from 2mL to 20 L/Min.

Ideal for:
Drink dispensing
Laboratory tests
Cooling equipment
Active flow alarms
Semiconductor plant
OEM applications