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(5) Download PDF - Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeter Instruction Manual:

Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeter Installation

  • Locate the flowmeter in a sheltered position away from falling water. Care must be taken to ensure that the end fittings on the meter are not stressed during use. Ideally, flexible tubes should be used.

  • Ideally the meter should be installed with straight lengths of tube either side for a distance of 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 downstream.

  • Install the device well away from valves, regulators bends and other components that could cause excessive turbulence on the fluid entering or leaving the meter.

  • If necessary use spacer blocks and mounting clips to raise the pipe work centre line 58mm above the surface.

  • It is good practice to use upstream and downstream isolating full bore ball valves to facilitate easy meter installation or removal.

  • If push-in 3/8” John Guest fittings are used, clip the pipes to the mounting surface 300mm upstream and 150 downstream.

  • The Atrato must be installed in a positive pressure system. Ensure that there is sufficient back pressure on the flowmeter to keep any gas in solution. We recommend 500mbar plus two times the fluid vapour pressure.

  • If there is any chance of air passing through the system mount the Atrato in a vertical pipe with the flow in an upward direction otherwise air can remain trapped in the meter and affect it’s performance.


Using suitable fixings, mount the connection box onto a rigid surface with the cable entry preferably at the bottom. The mounting screw centres are shown in the diagram on the right. The flowmeter should be clipped into place with the terminal screws positioned at the lower edge. Note that the rubber strip covering the terminals on the meter will not seal if water is persistently present in this area. Ensure the meter is not pressure washed. The Atrato can easily be dismounted by inserting a screwdriver under the mounting clip and gently unclipping it to release the main body. The PG9 thread can be either connected to suitable flexible conduit or may be fitted with the supplied cable gland.

Flows from 2mL to 20 L/Min.

Ideal for:
Drink dispensing
Laboratory tests
Cooling equipment
Active flow alarms
Semiconductor plant
OEM applications