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Breakthrough Flowmeter Technology

Titan Enterprises supplies innovative flow measurement solutions into a broad range of sectors, including medical, industrial, food & drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical. Its latest innovation, the Atrato flowmeter range, is set to challenge conventional flowmeter thinking the world over.

The Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter:

Excellent Accuracy

The Atrato is the culmination of eight years research and development in collaboration with the Department of Process & Engineering at Cranfield University.  It can handle low flows from luminar to turbulent and is largely immune from viscosity. It has excellent turndown, repeatability and linearity and can monitor flow over a range of 200:1. Accuracy is better than +/-1.5%.

Utilising patented technology that enables it to operate with excellent accuracy over very wide flow ranges, across the whole span, the Atrato range of inline flowmeters is a genuine breakthrough in flowmeter technology. Its rugged, clean bore construction makes the Atrato ideal for a whole range of low flow applications and its USB port allows software connectivity at literally the touch of a button. Its signal processing system permits flow measurement across the whole Reynolds number range allowing both viscous and non-viscous products to metered accurately, whilst signal discrimination identifies anomalies in the flow and generates reports as required.

Powerful Measuring System

The Atrato’s time of flight measuring system measures both the upstream and downstream flight times and half the difference is the velocity of the fluid. Its patented system measures these time differences to an accuracy of more than 200 picaseconds, indicative of its excellent metering performance. As the pipe geometry is know the resulting pulse output is accurate for the volume passed. This performance is further enhanced by our primary signal to noise ratio which is typically 1000:1 and at times as high as 3000:1.

USB Computer Interface

The Atrato’s USB connection permits the user to directly monitor the rate and total on their laptop as well as altering some of the operating parameters such as the pulse resolution and units. If the rate and total or the analogue boards are used their programming and operation can be accessed directly. At a later date data logging and operational statistics will be possible

“The use of low frequency ultrasound and advanced signal processing to interrogate the flow ensures that the flowmeter provides high accuracy over a wide turndown range. In addition the technology developed for the Atrato has the flexibility to provide the basis of a family of flowmeters suitable for an even wider range of flows and applications.”

Professor Mike Sanderson, Emeritus Professor of Fluid Instrumentation, Cranfield University

Atrato Eureka Press Release: March 2010

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Flows from 2mL to 20 L/Min.

Ideal for:
Drink dispensing
Laboratory tests
Cooling equipment
Active flow alarms
Semiconductor plant
OEM applications